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Get closer to the action with racehorse ownership


Owning a racehorse gives you a unique insight into the racing industry and watching a horse run in your silks is a thrill like no other. We want owners to feel part of the yard and welcome to drop in to see their horse and to enjoy the whole ownership experience. 

Typically National Hunt horses run for several years so both owners and the team on the yard know each horse very well and build a strong relationship with them during their time in training. They are in training for about 10 months of the year depending on their preferred ground conditions and spend a couple of months out in the field in a herd to relax. 


Regular updates on your horse including videos on the gallops and their progress through the season. We use The Racing Manager as a great platform for owners with a personal log in and access to race replays and yard updates. Owners have information on race planning and discussion with Oliver about the races we are aiming at and choice of jockey. 

Private mornings on the gallops to watch the horses working and breakfast at the yard. 

Invitation to the annual owners day which includes a drinks reception, parade of the horses and lunch at the yard. 

On race days owners badges give access to the owners car park on arrival and then owners & trainers bar where you will often find a complimentary lunch and separate area in the stands to watch the racing. Owners enter the pre-parade paddock to watch the horses being saddled and into the parade ring where you meet the jockey and trainer before the race, to chat through any final race tactics. After the race, should your horse place then you are back into the winners enclosure to greet them and the jockey home and should your horse get his nose in front then winning connections are invited to watch the race replay and enjoy a glass of champagne in the private owners room. 

Prize Money is paid directly to owners accounts should their horse do well but we urge owners to see their racing endeavours as entertainment.

Sole Ownership

When a horse is 100% owned by an individual owner, who takes on the full responsibility and cost of the horse. It is the most personal form of ownership with one to one discussion with Oliver about the horses progress and race plans. The horse will run in the owners choice of colours and their name will be the only one listed in the race card, they may also have the choice of naming their horse. Sole owners have the opportunity to invite guests to join them racing as they are entitled to 6 owners badges and are encouraged to come to Lambourn for regular mornings on the gallops. 


Between several individual owners who split the costs and the responsibility of owning a horse. This is a great way to get involved if you are unsure about taking on sole responsibility or if you want to share the enjoyment with a group of friends to make the experience more sociable. The partners can be individually named or can come up with partnership name, which can afford more privacy and the opportunity to come up with something fun. They can either nominate a set of personal silks or register a new set for the partnership to run in and any costs or prize money is split evenly between the shares. 


For larger groups this is a good entry point to ownership where you might, for example have an interest in 10% of a horse. Not all the individuals need to be registered owners with the BHA and usually the administration is managed by one of the members or a syndicate manager. It is a fun, social way to get involved as there will likely be a group to go racing and enjoy the day out. Mornings on the gallops are usually arranged for the group, rather than individuals. 

There is more information on the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) site, which provides in depth detail on all the aspects of ownership. If you are considering racehorse ownership then please do get in touch, we would love to chat more about the various options and any horses that we have on the yard which may be suitable. 


Should you be interested in acquiring a racehorse then please do get in touch. Oliver is able to buy to an owners specification or source a horse that he thinks would be a good match. In addition we usually have some available options on the yard, either to purchase outright or in available shares.

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